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Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center

The V-BEOC is a web-based information sharing platform that facilitates collaboration between public, private and non-profit organizations. The portal leverages nation’s best practices in information sharing, lessons learned from research in public-private partnerships, and experience in leading the Louisiana Business Emergency Operations Center (LA BEOC), and has grown into a national network of organizations ready to implement the technology. The V-BEOC technology is FREE, customizable, user friendly, and capable of supporting existing processes and existing incident management systems such as WebEOC.

Public Sector Benefits

  • Enhance your ability to coordinate with private sector and other agencies across jurisdictional boundaries - based on your preferences
  • Improve your ability to leverage private sector resources and expertise – both local and national-scale companies
  • Provide greater visibility of impacts to private sector and situational awareness
  • Strengthen resilience of local communities

Private Sector Benefits

  • Consolidate your registration and relationship-building process – ONE place to register instead of 50 states or 3000+ counties!
  • Receive real-time incident updates from public sector agencies across the nation
  • Post and share situational awareness of facilities with the appropriate user-defined control
  • Receive updates on needed products & services
  • Respond to products and services needs


  • Software capabilities include: Improving disaster preparedness and response, providing situational awareness, locating local products and services, addressing critical recovery needs, and returning businesses back to normal operations quickly
  • Omni-directional information sharing platform between sectors
  • Local implementation with the ability to collaborate with organizations at regional and national levels
  • Customizable, GIS-enabled and open standards based
  • Leverages state-of-the-art information technology solutions that enable real-time information exchange
  • Preserves the autonomy, privacy, security, and general needs to accommodate both public and private sector stakeholder’s needs
  • Centralized deployment for ease of maintenance

Please keep in mind that the V-BEOC does NOT guarantee contracts, duplicate efforts, break existing communication chains, or exclude local officials.

Email the NIMSAT Institute for more information.